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Before I book a ticket:

1. How can I tell if a ticket is Electronic or Paper?
You can go to and click on the check your reservation link. View your reservation, and on the bottom of this page you will find out if the ticket is either a paper or electronic ticket.
2. I saw an advertised price on a travel deals website and now I cannot find it.
We advertise on many websites. We post deals for travel on dates that travelers have actually purchased from us. Because of the dynamic nature of pricing and availability, the prices are in a constant state of change. Our objective is to show you sample fares and you should use our booking engine to check exact fares.
3. Do you offer bereavement fares, student fares, or senior fares?
Our discounted airfares tend to be lower than bereavement, student, and senior fares offered by the airline. If you would like to check these fares, please contact the airline directly.
4. Upgrades
Some airlines allow you to upgrade our tickets to business or first class tickets using miles. However, some airlines do not. If you like to find out, contact that airline and ask them if they are able to upgrade bulk tickets.
5. Frequent Flyer Miles
Most airlines allow you to accrue miles with our tickets. However, some airlines do not. If you would like to know, contact that airline and ask if you can collect miles for bulk tickets.
6. Class of service
All tickets we sell are coach class unless otherwise specified. In many cases, we book in the lowest category of coach known as bulk or consolidator tickets to get you the lowest price.
7. Why does the airline show Major Carrier on the website?
In some cases, we negotiate special fares with airlines that require us to hide the name of the airline. These tickets are also more restrictive than other tickets and are always NON-REFUNDABLE / NON-RE-ROUTABLE.
8. I am getting a 1014 Error Due to the highly dynamic nature of the industry, the fare is no longer available What does that mean?
This error refers to a specific fare and itinerary that is showing available when we initially search that airlines system. However, when we try to reconfirm it the flight is not actually there. This usually happens when the link to the airline system goes down. We recognize how frustrating this can be when you are trying to book an itinerary and we are working with the airlines to improve the links.
9. Do I have the option to choose a paper ticket or electronic ticket?
No, the airline chooses what kind of ticket that must be issued. In some cases, we are able to make an electronic ticket from a ticket that was originally paper ticket by calling the airline.
10. I found a ticket at a certain price, but when I tried to purchase it, the fare had changed. What happened?
During the time between your flight search and purchase, the airline may have changed the fare or the fare may have sold out. Airfares change throughout the day, based on demand for the flight and the airlines' right to modify them at any time.
We monitor these changes closely and make every effort to keep our fare displays as current as possible. Sometimes the fare difference is the result of a technical issue. In that case, clicking "Select" will display the most up-to-date fare.
11. This vacation will be my honeymoon. Should I book this trip under my married name or maiden name?
The answer depends on whether you will be able obtain a copy of your marriage certificate prior to departure.
If you are not able to get a marriage certificate:
You may reserve your vacation in your maiden name and carry proof of citizenship that reflects your maiden name.
If you are able to get a marriage certificate:
You may reserve your vacation in your married name and carry proof of citizenship that reflects your married name.
Please note that if you are carrying several types of identification reflecting different names, it is suggested that you also carry a copy of your marriage certificate to document your name change.
12. I am getting Credit Card Not Accepted. What does that mean?
Some airlines do not take some credit cards. For example, some airlines do not take Discover or Diners club. If this message is received during the booking process, we will hold the reservation until a new credit card can be updated. However, we cannot guarantee the fare until the time of ticketing.
13. Can I hold a reservation?
No. We do not allow customers to place reservations on hold. All tickets require instant purchase.
14. Can I pay by check?
No. We only take major credit cards because all tickets are instant purchase and must be issued on the same day.
15. Can I use airline vouchers on your site?
No. These must be used with the airline directly.
16. Why can't I book Southwest and Jet blue?
We do not offer fares on these airlines since they do not participate in our general distribution system. We are actively working to expand them into our searches in the future.
17. Why can't I book a ticket that originates from outside the US?
We only sell tickets that originate from the US. We do plan to open offices in many other countries in the near future to offer our low priced airfares.
18. Can I buy a ticket for an unaccompanied minor?
No, at least one adult needs to travel in the itinerary.

After I book a ticket:

1. Unable or Unconfirmed Segment on the itinerary (UC or UN)
In some cases, an UNABLE or UNCONFIRMED segment comes back from the airline. In most cases, this means that the class of service was oversold by the airline and their computer system recognized the error. As a result, the airline is unable to fulfill the request. This is a rare occurrence in the day of airline automation but it does happen.
When it happens prior to the ticket being issued, we simply cancel the reservation and reverse the credit card charges. When it happens after the ticket has been issued, we can sometimes contact the airline and push them to honor the reservation. However, it is not guaranteed that they will.
2. I missed my flight because of a delayed flight.
If you miss your flight because of delayed flight caused by the airline then the airline is responsible for find you another way to reach your destination. Please contact the airline directly.
3. I applied for a refund on a refundable ticket. How long should I expect to wait for it to show up on my credit card?
The length of time that is usually required to go through the process is about 6 to 8 weeks.
4. Why are there multiple charges on my credit card?
In some cases, we are required to break the total charge into 2 separate charges that total the amount that you agreed to pay. You are not being charged any more than you agreed to pay.
5. If the airline changes my itinerary, will you notify me?
We make attempts to notify you of flight changes, we are not always advised of these changes. It is best if you reconfirm your itinerary directly with the airline prior to departure. Also, you can use check your reservation on our website.
6. What are the ticket terms and conditions?
You can view them on our website by going to the home page and clicking on the Cancellation Policy link.
7. How much does it cost to change a ticket?
REQUEST CHANGE - Request a change before the first travel date.
-CHANGE FEE - Pay a fee of $200 per ticket (for Domestic Flights) and $350 per ticket (for International Flights)
-DIFFERENCE IN FARE - Additionally, if the new tickets cost more than the original tickets you must pay the difference. If the new tickets are less than the original, the airline will not credit the difference.
-Therefore, the total cost will be (The Change Fee) + (The Difference in the Cost of the Tickets)
-Changes are permitted for a change fee, but only if they are made prior to the date of the originally scheduled flight. Changes are not permitted on the day of the scheduled flight or after.
8. Do I need to reconfirm my flights?
Even though you have a confirmed seat on your flight, we always encourage you to confirm your flight with the airline on their web site or on their 800 number. Sometimes schedules change or flights are cancelled and we are not notified. So it is best that you contact the airline to check. Also, some smaller international airlines require that you reconfirm your flight.
9. What should I do if the fare for my same itinerary is lower now than when I bought my ticket?
Airfares change throughout the day, based on demand for the flight and the airlines' right to change them at any time.
We monitor these changes closely and make every effort to keep our fare displays as current as possible. At the time of your fare search and when you bought your ticket, our display showed the lowest fare available for purchase for the time and dates you requested.
Please note: If you should find a lower fare after purchasing a NON-REFUNDABLE / NON-RE-ROUTABLE ticket, we will not be able to issue a credit for the difference in price.
10. Seat Assignments
Our booking engine allows you to request the type of seat you would like to have during the booking process. However, we cannot guarantee that the seat type will be available. We pass your request to the airline and the airline assigns your seat. You can view your seat assignment on the check your reservation link on our website. Also, you can call the airline directly to make any changes to your seat assignment.
11. When I select e-tickets, when is my credit card charged?
Your credit card will be charged as soon as the e-ticket is issued. Generally, tickets are issued instantly after you make the air travel purchase.
12. How early do I need to check in for my flight?
The general rule of thumb if you're checking baggage:
For domestic flight, check-in at least 90 minutes prior to departure time.
International travel: requires check-in anywhere from two to three hours prior to departure. Check with the airline you are traveling on.
You may want to allow more time if you're traveling out of a major airport during peak periods.
Major airlines may offer check-in via e-ticket kiosks or curbside.
Each airline has its own regulation and we highly advise that you check with the airline you are traveling on for the required advance check-in time.
13. What is the baggage policy for my ticket?
Please check directly with the airline for their specific policy.
14. What happens to my baggage if I fly more than one airline to my destination?
The airlines must have an agreement to handle and transfer baggage, as well as assist you in the event of flight delays or cancellations.
If you are flying on more than one airline to get to your destination and are checking baggage, ask the originating airline if your baggage can be checked through to your final destination and will they transfer your baggage to the next/other airline. If the airline says no, you'll have to claim your baggage from the originating airline and re-check it with the next/other airline each time you change airlines.
Please note: If you need to make changes en-route due to cancellations or delays, you will need to take your ticket to the originating airline for assistance.
15. Must the name on my ticket and government issued ID match?
You'll move through check-in and security faster if they do.
If your ticket already has been issued in a name you use -- such as a nickname or your initials -- but is not identical to your government issued ID, call the airline for clarification on how to proceed.
16. I missed my flight because I was late.
The formal rule if you miss your initial flight is that you lose the entire value of the ticket. However, some airlines will make an exception and let you fly stand-by on that same day. This is at the discretion of the airline. has been online since 1996 and have booked millions of travelers to thousands of destinations. We are available 24 Hours per day and 7 days per week to help you at our call center. Company Address: 4619 41st street NW suite 300 Washington DC 20016. 1-800-AIR-FARE(247-3273) 703-379-1777 - Call Center Hours: Open 24 Hours / 365 Days
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